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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 16, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." today's hashtag one lucky guy, brian is here. >> i was hoping it would be me. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, guys. i was watching on fox and friends this morning and you're all over this story happening in the middle east right now. >> it's an absolute disaster and you can't say it's unpredicted because you had a situation with fallujah fell in january and then what do you think they're
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talking about? the weather? what could potentially be happening. then we find out the person in charge of this -- of this isis is somebody that we had in prison until 2009, who structured this whole plan and let everybody know it in the towns so anybody knew this was coming. to say they were going to be this successful, okay. you might have got that much but the fact they potentially could have been that successful shows to me they didn't -- they made no effort in stopping this. >> did i tell you, he's all fired up. here we go. iraq under siege. with the u.s. considering what would have seeped unthinkable just days ago, secretary of state john kerry saying america is prepared to open dialogue with iran. this as we look at video released by iraq's government showing air strikes on al qaeda linked militants who have taken another town in their march toward baghdad. the iraqi capital is where some 100 u.s. marines are on the ground at the u.s. embassy to beef up security and keep it
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open. many embassy personnel already moved to other locations. a fourth american warship, the u.s.s. mesa with 550 marines on board heading to the region as the president weighs his options. the rampup of u.s. efforts comes as we hear word of possible atrocities. militants releasing images they say show the mass execution of american trained iraqi soldiers. as fears grow by the hour that baghdad could soon fall, the mere discussion of a possible u.s.-iran teamup demonstrating the urgency of this situation. republican senator graham of south carolina on why such an alliance could be necessary. >> in the short-term, why didn't we deal with stalin? we'll have to have some dialogue with the iranians that say let's coordinate our efforts but put a red line to the iranians, don't use this crisis to take territory from the iraqi people.
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>> finger pointing is well underway, whether the white house was asleep at the wheel amid reports she's insurgents had designs on creating an islamic state for years. the criticism not just from republicans. here is joe mansion of west virginia. >> i think our intelligence has failed us miserably for not being aware and the threat we faced it and how this could unfold as quickly as it has. this has been planned for quite some time. my first thing, they recommended to the president, get your intelligence group back on track, making sure we have the intel we need for whatever options we have that are going to be accurate. >> all right, andrea. i want to start with you here. talking about teaming up with iran, is this a good idea? >> it's crazy. iran is an enemy, a mortal enemy of the united states of america. it's one thing to hear what they have to say. it's another to somehow assume this administration, a particularly weak administration, we saw how that went with russia, the dealings back and forth.
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and i think if they would start to engage, iran would embarrass the u.s. in some way. they've already set their force into iraq. so we're going to reach out to them and how form a partnership and trust them to do the right thing? i mean, it's crazy. again, if we had a strong leader that may be able to do some kind of negotiation, i would say be open to somewhat of a dialogue but we don't. we don't. we bungled things on the world stage so iran, an enemy of the united states and this talk of somehow forming an alliance that lindsey graham is talking about is foolish. >> you know what's interesting is that there's also the flip side for iran with and where they won. they want this government to be in their hands. their sheites. that's what they want. we help them push the sunnis back in this region and we kind of do their dirty work not just
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for them but with them. what do you have in the end? what do we win in the end? this goes back to the deals we've seen the president make already. the question i would ask is when you negotiate, what is the win in it for us? and i think if this is what we're going to do, it's time for a fire side chat. i thought maybe we would see it this weekend. we didn't. but it's time for that. explain to the american people why we would go to bed with the enemy and then wake up with the enemy and not expect fleas. >> that means that barack obama and administration has to take a more proactive, active role. the reason they want to partner with iran is it takes a little pressure off of us and i don't think this administration wants to be front and center, leading the charge at all. i think they would prefer a hands-off approach and i think even partnering with the enemy right now is a better alternative than taking leadership for them.
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i don't think they view it as either a partner with iran or take a leadership role. the third option that i think they would prefer is no real role. they said they do not believe these incidents are related, right? but that red line they drew in syria which allowed isis to build up steam, that time when hillary clinton, some generals were saying let's go into syria. there's a point where we can get involved. that allowed isis to get larger and more deadly and create this army but the administration sees these incidents as very isolated so i would prefer president obama not taking a leadership role and i think he would, too. >> here's the thing. senator lienedy graham was with us 10 minutes ago on radio and he said i want to expand on what he said about iran. i see the turks a role and saudi arabia playing a role. if we say iran, i'm on your side, it looks like sunni against shiites.
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instead he says if you all get involved and then we have this one goal in mind and not to turn over this country to terrorists because all of them from jordan and lebanon, they want to take jordan next and lebanon right after, if you let them know this is a call to action, dealing with saudi arabia and turkey, then it would be comprehensive that we could sign on to. that means they would have to work the phones and cut deals in a way we haven't seen. >> he has a pen and a phone. >> he know he has a pen and a phone. >> that's not going to help us right now. >> conner powell sent me an email and he said, you know, here's the deal. buy stocks in mass. i thought of you because, of course, the money lady, right? i said why would you do that? he said because we're redrawing the middle east today. and i said, really? is it going to be like this? if you don't push back in some way and maybe you have to do a deal with the devil to get it done, what's happening is
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they're going to have that islamic state they've dreamed about. they've already got from syria all the way through northern and western iraq. that is a huge swath of territory and they're on the move. like, you know, back in the days of hitler. these teams are moving through these towns and taking them. >> lindsey graham has been an open critic of president obama's foreign policy. for him to come out with a ringing endorsementship maybes things interesting. >> three terrorist groups are trying to kill us inside iraq and they also pioneered i.e.d.'s with steroids that really maimed and killed our guys who were pioneered in order to blow up our transport vehicles so this is the one thing that you should keep in mind. we cannot have that country in the middle. it's not part of -- it's not like wouldn't it be nice to have a sunni country? that's existing to dominate us everywhere else. you've heard him say to t to a
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long island colonel as he was told he could leave prison, even though he should be in gtmo, he said i will see you in new york. he found out where all the guards are from and he said, okay. i'm going to see you in new york. this guy is a deep thinker, not a crazy guy with a knife in his mouth just looking to cut off your head. he's having other people cut off their head. he went to college and looking to put together a country that is looking to terrorize the world. >> it's a little too late. i'm not sure what our options are. it's evolving into civil war. i say let these other countries who have a vested interest, let them get involved first. people question how we missed this from the beginning. how did we miss it? it's not just the intelligence reports. after osama bin laden orchestrated attacks on 9/11 hehe filmed saying why did he it.
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the goal has always been to mobilize that region and reunite. this isn't a new thing they just stumbled upon. we knew they were going for it and we have been hands-off and made a series of strategic foreign policy blunders the past decade. >> if we disengage for any period of time, though, what will it look like in the end? can we live with that? >> terrible and we can't. >> can we live with that? >> are you okay with jordan and lebanon disappearing? >> no. >> redrawing the map like conner said. >> her critics are dismissing hillary clinton's book tour as one bad gaff after another. we'll say what mrs. clinton is saying about she's done worrying about what she says. we always hear talk about finding middle ground in solving america's problem but what if there is no middle? partisan politics gone wild. >> is that like girls -- no. >> that guy isn't going to jail. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there.
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>> "outnumbered" is back and we're glad you're with us. hillary clinton's new book tour, have you heard about it? it's getting a big thumbs down from the republican national
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chairman. >> she didn't have any answers on benghazi. a day earlier the white house said hillary clnt on's top accomplishment is that they decimated al qaeda as if they didn't know what the next day's newspapers were going to say. i mean, i just don't think she's very good at it. >> you're laughing. police clinton a potential white house contender not losing any sleep over all the verbal glitches. telling cspan she's so over being worried about what she sa says. >> maybe it's the wonderful wealth of experience i've now had. maybe it's because i'm totally done with, you know, being really careful about what to say because somebody might think this instead of that. it just gets too exhausting and frustrating. >> we missed you, by the way. sandra has been on vacation and here she is, laughing. tell me why. >> i was laughing because, well,
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her response is basically one that we would all have if we had a string of gaffs like i'm not going to worry about it anymore. it's been an absolute mess and i don't know if she's to blame or her team is to blame but listen. the book was written, the release was planned. every statement, every speech she's given has been prepared so why all the gaffs? whose fault is it? the spokes people that talk to her on the state department level couldn't even answer the question of what her most notable achievement was. it's one miss tack after another. >> it's almost as though they didn't anticipate any questions. like she would do interviews and she wouldn't answer any questions. >> the relative trap question she had, and it shouldn't be a trap, did you take notes? oh, yeah. took notes >> would you hand those notes over? i don't think so. next thing you know, you have trey saying i would like to see the notes. i never knew about the notes. i think if she really meant that and challenged chris christie,
9:17 am
that would probably be the best thing she could do. chris christie tells you what's on his mind and yeah, maybe the next day he gets some criticism but he says what's on his mind and that's why he's so refreshing when he goes to the debates and hillary clinton should learn from six years ago and say i was so careful and scripted last time. i'm 67 years old, i've made by zillions of dollars. let's let it go. my favorite musical, the animated musical is out "frozen." she can let it go. >> some people have called her frozen before in the past. >> very good. >> she has been a bit of an ice queen. if she's going to be finished with being careful, when was she careful? she was never a particularly good candidate. she's constantly stuck her feet in her mouth making comments about she doesn't stay home and bake cookies. even the recent book tour, i don't think they thought the
9:18 am
media was going to ask her tough questions. >> it's going to be tougher tonight. >> i think they assumed she would get some really softball questions but this is a woman who hasn't been careful. what difference does it make? she dent know who president lincoln is. if sh is hillary clinton being careful, i would hate to see her unfiltered. >> can we stick up numbered? i want to see her unfavorability. those are the numbers tracking up now. if you look over time, it's up almost 6% in the unfavorable category there, 43%. i wonder how the book sales are going. >> we're helping it for sure. i think the difference between hillary clinton and chris christie is a likability factor. i listen to an interview she did with npr, questioned about her changing position on gay marriage. she got irritable and got defensive. she's not coming off as likable and i think chris christie, even though he's an "in your face" kind of guy, i think he's likable.
9:19 am
people relate to him. they see him as a natural, real kind of guy and she has that elite gist, d.c. thing going on and people tonight like the person behind the politician. that's the difference for they. >> vice president joe biden has likability. they could be contenders at one point if he decided to run. >> we're going to shift from hillary to republicans and democrats. america's middle is apparently shrinking. good news for beach season maybe but for politics, not so much. a new pugh poll showing the ideological divide is bigger than ever and this time, it's personal. the survey sheing the anamosity members of each group feel toward one another has surged the past two decades with deeply negative views more than doubling, now 43% of republicans view democrats in staunchly negative terms compared to 17% in 1994 and 38% of democrats view republicans very negatively
9:20 am
compared to only 16% in 1994. and get this. pugh reporting 36% of americans view democrats as threatening the nation's ongoing success while 27% of democrats feel that way about republicans. brian -- >> i hope there's not going to be a quiz. >> that was a lot of numbers. we always talk about congress being so divisive. based on these numbers, is congress the real world? >> absolutely. how many sat at a father's day luncheon or dinner and listened to everyone talk about politics? it's never been more divided. you never hear this. you had a god point. it's almost like i'm going to steal your thunder. i'm say it as if it's my idea. but this whole thing, it's all being sorted with the impeachment. then everyone got divided.
9:21 am
bush isn't really president. gore should be the president. then we're going to get you back and then barack obama wins and he says, i'm not going to deal with republicans. next thing you know, we're six years in and it's only going to get worse. i don't know what they're going to do. joe is like the biggest anomaly on the planet right now. >> roughly one in five americans hold either strongly liberal or strongly conservative views so if the left is moving further left and the right is moving further right, what happens to the country? >> which is interesting because you would think that the middle as the larger swath and it may be but you usually only hear the forces on the far, far right and the far, far left. i think social media has attributed a lot to this divisiveness. now you can see what your friend's political views are. >> they're commenting. before it was just the neighbor has an al gore sign on his car or something like that. now it's very, very different.
9:22 am
but i also do think this last election was the most brutal and the more divisive between obama and romney that eye ever seen. when i worked on capitol hill, you didn't really hang with democrats if you were in a republican office but now, they don't even speak to each other. it is so polarized and dwoivide in washington. it's not even fun to work on the hill anymore. >> it's funny on a personal level. three in 10 consistent conservatives said they would be unhappy if a family member married a democrat. >> why can't we all get along? >> are we taking politics too seriously? >> i'm in a bi racial marriage. apparently navigating that is nothing. i think when it comes to personal stuff, people just -- they are entrenched and it becomes part of their personalities. i can almost see that but i see it now more than i did in the past. i see people's political leanings on their profiles for
9:23 am
their social media pages getting become to that. so i mean, it is part of their identity. >> and guess who goes out and votes the most? i think you guys alluded to this. it's the people furthere esest farthest to the right and farthest to the right. this has huge implications. >> we'll see if we can come together. how much is your cable bill? wait until you hear how many channels gtmo prisoners are enjoying right now. former soldier responsible for some bigger leaks in u.s. secrets in history now blasting the government. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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to talk with an insurance expert about everything that comes standard with our base auto policy. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? >> welcome back to "outnumbered." fox news is learning that prisoners at gtmo learn five taliban detainees had been freed in a swap for bowe bergdahl the same time americans did. they can flip through 100 satellite channels and have access to uncensored newspapers. they're watching the world cup and taking yoga and gardening classes. if that's true, it could derail the upcoming 9/11 trials which nobody wants. so maybe they found out about
9:29 am
bowe bergdahl from watched "outnumbered." how are they getting a new soccer field, cable, gardening, yoga, as if yoga is going to help calm them down. >> harris has been over here doing her yoga during the commercial break because you're en titled to that as well, harris. >> thank you. >> that i thought was interesting is that the lawyers feel they believe the detainees have no illusions that the u.s. government would trade them because of the charges against them. this was their comment after saying that they had learned about the bergdahl swap the same time that we all did and it was -- they learned it on fox news. that was actually per the lawyer. look. they're being entitled to luxuries a lot of people sitting here in this country that have never done anything wrong don't even have. i think that bottom line, that's irritating a lot of americans right now. >> i'm all for ratings, harris and getting the ratings up here but do we want these eye balls watching our show? they say, we don't think we're
9:30 am
getting released but already 80 additional prisoners have been cleared for release. magically. >> you know what i think is interesting about this, when we learn about isis on the move across iraq right now and the group being led by somebody whom we let go and how this has been in the works for years, think how these guys watching 100 cable channels. i mean, in all seriousness, if they're sitting there and if they can get together like that, imagine the kind of damage they could do if, in fact -- >> they're ready to hit the streets. >> they're ready to hit the street. i found it intriguing they were interviewed to find out, what were your thoughts after learning that the prisoners -- who does that? who cares? who does an aftermath interview? >> they're watching the world
9:31 am
cup? >> do we watch world cup or have a scrimmage? why would anyone want to leave gtmo? how could that be a commercial for america when you give them free time communal living, everything that they want? it's the same climate in which they left. why would they go back to a life in which they have to go back to killing? >> every time we talk about gtmo, no matter what panel i'm on, there's always one person that says it's not humane. this is not american. this is not how we do things. i hope every one of us will remind them we're talking about terrorists. they're treated better than a lot of people in this country who can't afford better jobs right now. >> they argue they don't have their freedom, they're not with their families, blah, blah, blah. >> they have a lot more than they deserve. >> i like the f.b.i. is trying
9:32 am
to turn them. we need people there who are going to be double agents, go back to the terrorist cell living but as our agents. >> not at the cost oying the 9/11 trials. >> harris, keep doing your yoga. 35 years for classified leaks in 20 2010. chelsea, former bradley manning is breaking her silence. giving her the platform to do so in the times time. she reels against the lack of transparency in the military writing in contrast to the nuanced briefings we created on the ground, the news available to the public was flooded with soggy speculation. this isn't the first time "new york times" purchased an op ad by a controversial figure. last september it published a piece by russian president vladmir putin. >> vladmir putin is a loader. i was surprised to see him in there but i'll read what vladmir putin has to say. that's why we watch him do the summit.
9:33 am
he's a leader. this guy is a low ranked officer in the military who turned on us. he's trader. he has 35 years in prison. what he's done did undescribable damage to us and our reputation. u.s.o. documents, he should have had no access to. he had anti-american behavior. why don't we go mansion? find out what he thinks. >> so is it okay for the "new york times" to publish his words? >> i go back to that rolling stone magazine with the brother on there, the bombing suspect. are we in such a place where we are desperate for rock stars? because that's essentially what this does. this elevates this into a new platform. you can do all the wrong and all the bad but we're going to elevate you and give you a platform. >> do you think he sells newspapers? >> no. >> think about this. as you pointed out, vladmir putin is a leader.
9:34 am
this girl is a criminal that should be lined up and shot by a firing squad. i could see perhaps if sergeant manning was saying something new about his position or maybe he was changing his position and coming out and saying i was wrong or something like that. what he's doing is he's calling for a government entity -- >> he's doubling down. >> -- to have more transparency so media in the middle east can do better reporting. some things he says in the piece are true. it was worse in iraq than the media was letting on but do we really need a government entity to do that thanks to bradley manning's suggestion? it's absurd. the whole piece is absurd. >> why would anyone think an additional government entity would lead to more transparency? i thought that was an interesting thing. if that's your suggestion, that you want government to step in and provide transparency when government hasn't been providing transparency already according to you. >> but anndrea is making the
9:35 am
point that perhaps shae has arguments that necessitied to be heard. >> you can say, well, everyone has a voice. everyone has opinion. but this is a trader. you're providing an outlet. >> turning him into a rock star. >> yeah. okay. that's a fair point. it dent need da-- doesn't need pages of "the new york times." >> hero fights. >> you're my hero. >> fantastic. >> hundreds of people being forced to evacuate homes in central california as firefighters race to control wildfires before hotter and more dry weather sets in. and the ncaa facing several lawsuits now from college athletes. are the professional leagues really the ones to blame here? one sports writer says yes. we'll explain that. brian is all riled up about that, too. >> how do you know? ♪
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>> the ncaa is dealing with several lawsuits right now, including two in california and one in illinois. they basically come down to college players who say they should get the money. but one sports columnist says it's the nfl and nba's eligibility restrictions which should really be on the stand. he argues unlike most sports where you can go professional at 18 or younger, football players wait for three years after high school to get the win and basketball players wait one year. that forces college players to risk devastating injuries which could end their pro careers before they even begin. our sports guy is here. you're so serious all of a sudden. >> it's a great topic. now, the question which you rail didn't ask but i'll take an element of this as i choose, i'll say this. football, when the nfl says wait
9:41 am
three years, they're helping the college game. we get to know these players for a couple of years in college. they get a chance to explore -- >> hold on, broi an. they're hoping the kid get a college education as well. >> they go to three years of college, getting to and you're outstanding running back or wide receiver or linebacker. you're going to college and you're priming yourself for a pro. there's always the risk of an injury and there's always insurance companies for the better players, always insurance that will offer you in case you do have a catastrophic injury in the game but when you have football and the nba, they make you wait, leaning toward doing two years. for baseball players, you basically can be drafted at 17. >> there's no restriction for baseball. >> true. >> no restriction for hockey. you can go pro at 18 right out of high school >> and tennis, golf and everything. >> are you okay with that? >> i am okay with that. when i get to see a kevin durant play a year of college, i can't wait for him to go pro. when i hear about an 18-year-old
9:42 am
kevin durant, i've never seen him play. >> how about paying them? >> that's a whole other topic which is another lawsuit which you know they're suing to get paid in college. >> li the eligibility requirements. i think the leagues are in cahoots with the ncaa. they're making millions of dollars and the coaches make millions of dollars. the nfl gets the benefit of having these players conditioned on a college field. they're not really getting educations, either, sandra. they're professional employees. >> i'm going to slightly disagree with you. >> if i could say as well, when you look at the -- disparity, between white and black -- >> what flavor is the kool aid? >> i can't disagree more. i went to a football prominent
9:43 am
school, l.s.u., and those tiger athletes went to school every day and their athletic program was highly focused in scholastics. school was important. classes were important. do athletes have their hand held a bit? yes, because they're juggling a lot. i was an athlete. >> if they want to go pro, let them go pro. that's all i'm saying. let them go. >> but the ncaa can make millions off tv ratings and stuff like that. >> they don't care about money at all? >> i'm not saying that but i'm saying the kids are at least walking away with an education. >> not always. not always. >> in many cases. >> if you want to focus, it's there. >> what about kids that want to go pro but not go to college? maybe they just want to focus on sports and then they wind up in colleges and they're not focused on academics. they didn't want to be there to begin with. >> this is why we have commercial. so they can really he will boy and fight it out while you guys
9:44 am
can't see. there's always online. i'll snap pictures. you know that. republicans are fuming over the i.r.s. claim it lost a stroef of emails. remember her? former official at the tea party scandal? a number of americans say they won't even put on a bathing suit. not in that category. it's the summertime insecurity that's more common than you think. you don't have that. i saw you in a bikini yesterday, brian.
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>> more "outnumbered" in a moment. first what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> lois lernor is an essential figure in theism r.s. scandal and her email over a crucial two-year period was lost in a computer crash. the stunning revelation not sitting well with committee members investigating the scandal. also surge of illegal immigrant children across the border of the u.s. continues today with several facilities simply overwhelmed with hundreds of kids from central america. john roberts has a live report and a wildfire is raging in drought ravaged california at this hour. the fire in bakersfield is threatening a00 homes. we'll take you there coming up top of the hour. >> all right. thank you. we'll be watching. >> all right. i might be outnumbered but now it's my turn to talk about a story. forget about the sports illustrated swimsuit issue. more and more americans are not
9:50 am
wearing swim suits. a recent harris poll, no relation, finding nearly half of americans have not worn a sim suit in public more than five years. it's making people feel like they can't go to the pool, cannot go to the beach because they're so self conscious about their bod this study hold up fo? >> bikinis are the devil in my opinion. >> why? >> i have to buy two different sizes. you have some women that are really proportioned. i'm not one of them so i have to buy like a different type size for the top and the bottom and i feel like all women feel so exposed in a bikini. most of the times men aren't in speedos. they're in short. we are baring it all. it's all out on the table when we go to the beach. >> i'll tell you what the problem is, brian. it's images we're showing right now. it's kate upton in a swimsuit and you can't even say sports
9:51 am
illustrated swimsuit edition without a problem. they think they're supposed to look like that when they get in a swimsuit. >> you see that even the guys are wearing full body suits to the beach. we used to keep much more secret. now we know innies and outies. >> some people have determined too much junk in some places. i trust their judgment. limber up, butter cup. i'm being honest. if you don't feel comfortable and you don't think you have something to show, then i trust your judgment on that. >> so you welcome the shyness because usually shyness is justified. that's what i conclude from harris. >> it's better the first one in the teeny weany bikinis. the person who thinks they're a size two and they're bigger are parading around aren't so good to see, either. >> the women are more vicious
9:52 am
about the women. >> always. >> why is she wearing a bikini? the guys js sit there and go, hey, i'm just taking it. >> i think it's togetherly true. when i feel better about myself, i'm more likely to expose myself. if i'm not, i'm under the umbrella. i don't blame people. >> i'm a fan of that. brian, how about you? are you the speedo kind of guy? trunks? >> suddenly we're out of time. i heard last answer. i have to listen to the control room. >> speaking of you -- >> i'll answer in the break, sandra. creepy guys do not apply. there's a new dating app out there where men have to be invited to join by another woman. is that fair? can i sue? >> life is not fair, brian. >> only if you're not chosen. >> that's true. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
9:53 am
9:54 am
mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. t! [ bottle ] ensure®. [bell rings] jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ... ... ....: ... ... reference...
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9:56 am
creating a preapproved pool of guys. the operator said it weeds out the once that are not a good fit. >> dow believe you are invited in the circle? >> i am not looking to get
9:57 am
invited. i would welcome the screening process. game on. i am still being tested. >> we'll talk to the single ladies in the house. dow like this. >> if the women had to be invited in it would be massive outrage. i am hesitant to trust other women's judgment. >> and my friends and i like different guys. let me pick who i like. just because you are my friend doesn't mean we have the same test. >> it changes from the norm of anybody can get involved. >> and i wouldn't be too hard on men like this one either. the women will look for long walks in the park. >> and so maybe that is a thing
9:58 am
that they get it. and it doesn't mean the psychos and creeps want. >> that is assuming that women have good judgment in chosing men. and i have never trusted anybody to choose a guy for me. >> i think i would be distrustful. that would be tall. and thank you very much. and it is a big afternoon. it is team usa to play the world cup which is ghana. team usa starting off with the group of guest.
9:59 am
we have to play germany who is up three- nothing and port you goal who has renaldo who is the worldy best. >> he is cute. >>im married but not blind. >> and he knows how to score in the soccer. >> he does, actually. >> he is held scoreless because germany is winning. >> i don't need an app to help me pick. >> he has a lot of positive qualities. >> and a lot of the talk that usa can't go all the way. >> their own coach said. that we in america believe we have a shot and it is a great thing to do. and the first step starts today. i predict a two- nothing win and roll it back tomorrow. >> the miracle of soccer. >> starts with the first step. that's all i ask. >> it sounds like a support
10:00 am
group. >> 20,000 kids and a stadium just to watch. >> brian thank you for all of your genius. >> why is that sarcastic. >> and that's it for out numbered. see you back here at noon eastern. happening now starts right now. >> three developing stories we are watching. terrorist claiming they executed 1700 iraqi soldiers has isis takes over another city. we'll give you the latest from that part on the ground. and a crieses in the southern board has more immigrants are entering the country every day. the democrats blasted the response. and e-mails from lois lerner vanished in a computer crash. the irs is accused of a cover up and political targeting


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